Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It's Easier Then You Think

Are you living the life of your dreams? No! Well let me tell you something, it is easier then you think. Transformation is a scary thing. You are living a life right now. It is the life you have always lived. It might pay the bills and keep you entertained but is it really what you want from this life? If you have ever wanted to change and transform your life then this is the time. Why not? You can do it. You might loose some friends, a job or even a loved one. The world might try to convince you that you are crazy or wrong or needing help. You have much to loose but so much more to gain.

The truth is that you have one life. Only one. You can choose to live or you can choose to die. If you choose to live you will be in your heart, experiencing love in the fullest. You will be challenging yourself and building a community that you love. You will be tired but fulfilled.

If you choose life you will not be alone. You will be serounded by others that choose life. Life choosers attract life choosers and let me tell you they are some fun loving people. You wanna have fun on this planet and honor yourself, then choose life.

If you choose to do the"right" thing, play by the social rules you where forced to accept growing up. If you put your job before your heart, if you live in your head and make decisions up there then you are missing out. It is a party out here. A party where the drug of choice is Love. The drink of choice is healthy and builds strength. The entertainment of choice is community. In the world of lovers and life choosers there are many surprises, a whole lot of brilliance and a great many adventures and challenges.

It is easy to make the change. Just practice honoring yourself. You are a god/goddess. You deserve to be living the life of your dreams. IN FACT, you are meant to be living the life of your dreams.

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