Thursday, 23 February 2012

Falling behind

I work with teenagers. I have for years in many capacities. I have worked with "at risk youth", rich private school teenagers and incarcerated teenagers. I have worked with them all over this country. I have read many articles, books and research papers on their habits, trends and emotional/psychological states. Here is what I see....

Our education system is failing our kids. I know this is not a big revelation but why are we not doing anything about it? Most teenagers I have met have NO self love. In fact they do not even know the term Self Love. They have seriously destructive self talk, no self respect and who lot of feeling stupid. They are keenly aware of mathematical principles but most can not even find their Kidneys on their own bodies. Teenagers have no idea about affirmations. I mean one of the most basic and important tools in mental health, positive affirmations, is not even in their spectrum of knowledge. There is no concept of self actualisation, will power, honor, or much outside of university.

University is just as bad. It prepares students for what, a world where hard studying and memorisation is desired... Nope!!! In the changing world, creativity, adaptability and experience are the key selling points to any prospected employer.

What use is educating people for the future if we do not even give them the tools to be proud, happy, strong, loving, self loving individuals. Our education system is an industrial system preparing kids for a non industrial world. It is like giving people all the hammers and nails and wood to build a house but never showing them how to build it, and then calling them stupid for not know how to build.

My suggestion is to start with affirmations. Positive self talk is one of the most important foundational components in a healthy mind. Detentions should be given out for calling oneself stupid or saying "I can't". In the detention you write on the board 100 times, I am perfect and lovable, I am perfect and lovable, I am perfect and lovable......

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