Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Invitation to come along.....

I am going to the edge of the universe and I am going to keep going. I am going to not stop pushing, learning, growing, healing, loving and hoping. I am going to be challenged and beaten and broken  and bruised but I am going to keep going.

Who would like to join me. WE are going to see a great deal of brilliance and have a our breath taken away. We are also going to be confronted by demons, ogres, monsters and evil, but mostly we will be spooked by our own shadows and limitations.

This is not a life of comfort or convenience, it is one of self discovery and healing. Who is willing to look at every corner of themselves, every inner closet, every twinge of pain and discomfort, everything you might be hiding. I can not carry you, I have enough in my own baggage. I do not want you to carry me. We can jsut be there on the path to discovery together. We can share what we see and learn. We can remind each other why we are on the path when we are tired and bruised. We can sing, laugh, cry and dance in company.

Who wants to go to the ends of all possibility with me and then go further?

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