Monday, 6 February 2012

Risky Sharring!!!

Ferocious! That is how I would describe the universe in one word. It loves ferociously, it lives ferociously, it moves ferociously, it is ferocious.  Oddly enough it is not in humanities nature to deal with the ferociousness of the universe. We are very fragile in so many ways. Not the perfect creature to handle the universe in its raw essence.
There is no shame in the fact that we are not equipped to handle the raw, pure truth of the universe. That is what makes humans so artistic, creative and fun to be around.  Humans deal with their feelings of fragility by making the world easier to live in. They make it  easier on their psyche, easier on their soles, their bodies, their minds. They explain and justify everything and set out to understand everything, as if they could. Some explain God, some explain Love, some explain emotions, some nature, solar systems, black holes, frogs, rose thorns, the human body. The reality is that there are no for sure explanations, there are just more questions.
Being human is not an easy thing. Not for the rich, the poor, the happy or the sad. Being human is a lot of work, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Being human, experiencing the awesomeness of this life, is a privilege that comes with clauses and sub clauses. We have to have oxygen, food, water, movement and more. There are no ways around what we need to survive. Being human is a life of servitude. We serve the universe so we can stay alive. 
Most cringe at the concept of servitude. We want to be free!!! Bull shit. We are not free.  You wanna be free? Find something in this universe that is free. Everything has limits. Everything has a part. Everything is doing what it does. Everything is in servitude. We, humans, are indebted to this planet, this ecosystem, this solar system, this universe. We are made from the same things it is made from. We are made from particles that have always existed. We are not separate, nor free from this universe. We are part of the universe. We are part of everything.  If you think you are free or that you can be free then you are in serious denial.We are not free from the universe, nor is the universe free from us.
If you were to accept that you where not free, that you had to serve this universe, then you get to be a lot more free then you think.  You do not have to serve your religion, your parents, your neighbors, your government. You only have to serve the universe. Your religion, your parents, your neighbors, even you government make up parts of this universe. The truth is you get to choose who/what/when/where you serve.  You get to decide how you are to serve this universe.
There are as many ways to serve this universe as there are stars in the sky. I truly believe that you have made a contract with this universe. You are already aware of how you need to serve. Might be music, might be construction. It might be a life of healing yourself or others around you. You might have to garden, teach, talk, sit in silence, cook, build, destroy, read about, look into,  dance, laugh, cry, swim, burn, douse, open, finish, start something, anything. I have no clue as to what you are to be doing. I know what I am to be doing, and it changes all the time. Right now I am to write my thoughts.

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