Sunday, 5 February 2012

Choosing Love???

This is an open letter to any fool who thinks they can control, plan or choose love. I hereby declare you an idiot. You are wasting your time and all of our time. You are nothing more then a funny example of human arrogance.

Love is not a choice, nor something we can understand or control. We love who and what we love. There is nothing more to it. There is no button inside that turns our love on and off. There is no way to plan for love. All I know how to do is to accept that I am a slave to love and live my life while honoring who and what I love as unconditionally as possible.

Now, unconditional love is not an easy thing to do. It is a life long struggle, goal and lesson plan. It is truly why I think I am here on this plain, to learn how to love unconditionally. To me loving without expectation and need for reciprocation is the best way to live. There is so much power in loving freely. An endless mystery of brilliance and wonder lives int he freedom of loving without expectations.

My love is free. Free to love what and who it wants. Free from reciprocation and want. I just plainly love. It is in the simplicity of love that the magic lives.

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