Thursday, 16 February 2012

Witch Doctor House Call (Healing Self of Cancer and not Everyone)

I was on my way into work today when I heard on the radio that this dude had cured his cancer by drinking Dandelion tea. The researches n charge of a study where trying to "Figure out how to make this treatment effective for everyone and not just one person".

I laughed my ass off. One treatement for everyone.... Seriously, who is teaching this shit to these people. There is never and never will be one treatment for everyone. How about celebrating the one dude who found what he needed and made it work. ALSO, I am 110% sure that it was not only the dandellion. I am sure there was some life changes, some emotional changes, some spiritual changes. Cancer is not a one stop shop. There are a multitude of reasons that one would have cnacer and it takes a shift in every place posible.

You wanna cure cancer? Start by living your dream, being playful, loving life, loving yourself, finding honor, finding spirituality that works for you, finding art, community, expression, song, dance, smells, food anything that you love, explore it an you might just find what you need.

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