Thursday, 1 March 2012

5 Favorite and Most Influencial Popular Musicians in My Life

Another top 5 list, I got dozens of these. I have been taking stock in my life and realizing that I have had some very important and powerful supports that come from outside my personal life. Just want to share for the act of sharing. I do not make any money off of this blog, it is a labor of love.

1. Neil Young - No one has influenced me more. A Canadian boy who did it his way. He was out of tune, pissed on record execs, never sold out and experimented with every type of music. He wrote thousands of songs, any of them could be considered a masterpiece, he play slow love ballads, hard rock, hip hop, joyful redemption songs, heart breaking songs, and all of them his own way.

2. Bruce Cockburn - Another Canadian boy. By far the best guitar player int he singer song writer category. One of the most influencial on my music playing and with lines like "Nothing worth having comes without some kinda fight, you have to kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight" who can be anything by in aw of this man

3. Feist - I want to marry this girl. She gets me going and in a way that no one else does. Wow, what a performer. She leaves nothing behind, risks everything, takes the chances necessary to be an Goddess. She plays guitar as if she owns it, she incorporates every noise and style she can and she is only beginning. Not to mention she reinvented herself a few times in her life, which is an accomplishment in itself. If you are in deep transition or want to start one in your life then give this lady your ear....

4. Nina Simone - THere are not words for this lady. If you have not been introduced to the world of Nina then you are not alive and have missed something special in this world. Find her, listen and be part of the world of Nina....

5. Stan Rogers - No one has heard of Stan Rogers but he is the greatest folk signer of the last 100 years. He was a big man, with VERY big hands. Stan died in a fire aboard a plane that was waiting to take off. The story goes that he died in a fire on a plane.  Smoke was filling the cabin from an unknown source, and once on the ground, the plane's doors were opened to allow passengers to escape. Approximately 60 to 90 seconds into the evacuation of the plane, the oxygen rushing in from outside caused a flash fire. Rogers was one of the passengers still on the plane at the time of the fire. Most of the survivors say that they felt a person with big hands throwing them from the burning plane.....

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