Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Manly Sex Talk (The art of subtlety)

I have a very keen sense of smell. Actually I can tell a lot about a person by having a passing whiff of their perfumes. What I find the most ridiculous aspect of womanhood is the overdone perfume habit. Not only the "put on too much perfume", but the "way to many smells" and the "No consistency" smells turn me right off.

THe art of smelling good or attractive is to know your own scent/pheromones and augmenting them. Actually a women who has a very subtle smell attracts me a most of my male friends instantly. We all agree that it is a gift to find a woman who has a mysterious smell. The strong perfumed woman we consider the fact that they have something to hide or they are not confident in their own self enough to just be themselves. Confidence goes a long way in turning us men on.... at least the men worth turning on.

Woman are aware of the art of makeup and that the art is to make it look like they are not wearing any. I say the same holds true for the art of perfumes. Be aware that we live in a time that EVERYTHING has perfumes in it. Shampoos, lotions, creams, makeup, hand sanitizers, perfumes, even our clothes. Our breath smells we have mints, our car smells we have Fabreeze, our clothes smell we have detergents. Be careful, be sure and be yourself.


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