Sunday, 11 March 2012

The purpose of life....

We are tiny little things. Specs in this universe. You think we can destroy this planet? Nope, we can not destroy this magnificent place. We can hurt it, we can bruise it, we can change it just so that humans are no longer welcome here. Worry not about the Dolphins or the Polar Bears, they are a side not tot he the damages and saving them in impossible. What the real danger is, is saving ourselves. Humans are an engangered species. WE have become highly addicted to a way of life that is unsustainable. We are no longer capable of taking care of ourselves. We are rarely able to change when needed. We are dying and doing nothing about it.

So what can be done? I think I have seen the truth and want to share it with everyone. What can be done is we need to start to listen to our hearts. We need to recognize that each one of us is just as important as the Dolphins, the Polar Bears, as anyone on the planet. Our job here is to be our fullest selves and let nothing or no one get in our way. We are to connect with our hearts, with our inner selves with the fact that we are nature, we are this planet, we are the universe, not part of it. Every bruise we leave on this planet we are leaving on ourselves.

The purpose to life is to reconnect with ourselves. We are truly an endangered species and I would be VERY sad if humans ceased to exist.

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