Friday, 16 March 2012

The sun is not enough. We need a new Sun.

I love the sun. I appreciate all it gives us and all we can experience with it. I also know that the sun is only a very small spec in the eyes of the universe. The universe is my alternative power source of choice. I see humans as addicted to the sun. We get out food, electricity and power and most of our light from the sun. We are in a crisis of late when it comes to power and food. Too many people not enough sun to sustain the human population. We are trying to be creative knowing that fossil fuels are limited. We start to use food as fuel, but it just adds to the food problem. We try to grow locally, organically but we can not grow the amount of food necessary to support the 7 billion or so people on this planet. I believe we could grow enough but it is a very tricky situation to make that food accessible to everyone.

THere are stop gaps like solar electricity or wind, but we would need to drastically cut our power consumption in order to rely on solar or wind. I do not believe we will do that, we as humans will want more power in the future not less. More new technology, more travel, more advancement. It all takes power. What we need is a more practical source of power. Something that is unlimited, does not pollute and is sustainable for every generation to come. I do not think we will find it in the sun, or on this planet, I think it will come when we figure out that the entire universe is a power source.

I am not a scientist or a physicist. I do not have a mathematical solution to this problem. I just feel that deep in my soul that there is a way to have unlimited power. I bet there is a power source that could sustain everything we could imagine with no side effects. I believe it exists. Maybe we can not understand it because it is something that we have to do together. Imagine that. A power source that can only be tapped into if every human works together. What if our collected consciousnesses were the key to unlocking that unlimited power source. I am not talking about God or some enlightened beings coming together, just love. If every human worked as hard as they could at loving themselves and others, I know, 100% sure, that we would have insights beyond our wildest imaginations. I also know that we could do anything, ANYTHING, if we learned to love ourselves and others. 

I am committed to spending the rest of my life learning how to love myself and others. That is my sole task on this planet. That is what I will do.

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