Monday, 19 March 2012

Top 5 favorite senses

So I know there are only supposed to be 5 senses, but let me take you on a little journey into how I see those 5 senses. Also with limited selection it was not tough to decide what made the list....

1. Hearing - Raw sound is one of my favorite things in the world. I close my eyes and listen to the river running behind my home. I listen to the chorus of bird calls in the forest. There is nothing like it. Nothing that can explain the multitudes of notes, chords and perfection that comes from nature. Raw natural sound is by far my favorite thing. I love my ears, I love music, I love listening to people. I love Hearing

2. Smell - When the summer hits, and the forest dries out from the spring rains, the smells left behind or intoxicating. You can smell hundreds of plants, the dirt, the animals. You can smell flowers, trees, bushes and the running water. The smell of a hot summer day is unparalleled by any man/woman made or extracted smell. Perfumes are to me one of humans worst inventions. It misses the point. If I could not smell the world around me, and when there are to many perfumes I have trouble smelling anything but them, then I would be missing a great deal of what is going on.

3. Touch - To have a soft hand gently caress my body. To run my fingers through someones hair. To feel another heart beating, to feel the release of tension and stress from a good massage, to feel the soft sand and cool ocean water under my bare feet, to feel the warmth of a hot cup of tea on a cold winter day, to feel is to connect, to be to understand where one is at any given time. If you ever get lost in this world, over stressed, unsure, panicked, just stop and feel everything around you. Check in with your body.... feeling.... being present

4. Taste - Fuck I love food. I really love good food. Local, fresh, well cared for, honest wholesome food. I love it when food is cooked with care and time. I love the medicine of food. Food is the first medicine. I lvoe th flavors of what passes my lips. I love the taste of another on my lips. I love the bitter, the sweet, the sour, the salty and the astringent. I love the endless combinations, the multitude of flavors, the gift of taste is one that needs to be nourished and developed.

5. Sight - When putting together this list I thought of sight as the one sense that I would be OK with loosing if I had to choose one. Mostly because the others are so much more layered and textured and integral to me. I love my sight, I have very good sight, I love the colours, the dimensions, the angles, the ability to move fast when needed. I love to see.

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