Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Witch Doctor House Call (Fear is what keeps you in line....)

Pharmaceutical companies use fear and doubt to keep you in line with their program. They are masters at it. They manipulate, trick and use every which way they can to keep you from taking responsibility and learning about your own body and health. There are infinite options when it comes to holistic/natural healing. Diet, herbs, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, homeopathy, massage, cranio sacral therapy, placebos, shamanism, reiki, compassion, love, community, essential oils, chi kung, and sooooooo much more. Everything listed above has thousands of years of testing, research and proof that they WORK!!!!!

If you ever hear that something or other does not work, or research shows that herbal formulas are unsafe, just look up the amount of overdosed, side effected people from the pharmaceutical companies. Wake up people, drugs are bad, healing is good. Stop listening to the news, the spin doctors, the media for your health information. Start listening to your neighbors, your health food store owners, your naturopaths, your herbalist, your medicine people, your grandparents, your elders, your heart, your intuition. Your health matters and YOU and YOU alone are responsible for it. There is no doctor in the world that can cure you of anything, you can find the solution, learn the lesson and gain health with the help of many doctors, Medical doctors and Which Doctors alike.

Imagination is the best medicine ever......

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