Thursday, 29 November 2012

Witch Doctor House Call (First Step....what goes in your mouth)

Food is the first medicine. If you have a lack of energy, if you are constipated, if you have trouble sleeping, digesting, moving, with joints, with concentration, with depression, with addiction, with slowing down, with your heart, with headaches, with tooth aches, with lower back, with upper back, with anything in your body, mind or spirit start by looking at your diet.

Food is medicine. Simple as that. It is medicine you take multiple times everyday. Food is the first and most powerful of medicines. Any half respecting naturopath or holistic doctor will look at what you are eating, when and how before anything else. Take time to observe what you put in you. If your diet is stable and working for you and you still have simptoms or issues then I would move onto other medicines. That is why food is the first medicine. Many times a change in diet or lifestyle around diet can change then entire issue at hand, mostly for the better.

When I lived in Montreal I was very busy. I would make healthy choices with my meals but I was eating out a lot. I had little control over the quality, quantity and love and attention that might or might not have gone into my food. I realized that my health issues, a lot of them not all of them, where due to the fact that I was not cooking for myself. I had to make time to cook and take responsibility for my food. After a few months I lost weight, gained energy and metal clarity and was able to get through my day without wanting to take a nap. I was eating more food and enjoying it more.

Not only the amount or quality of food but how we eat it is just as important. What time of day, is it always changing? Are you sitting, on the phone, reading? Do you know how many times you chew, how big a bite you take or if you drink with your food? There are many angles to look at and experiment with. YOU are the only one that can understand your relationship with food. Others can give tips and advice and perspective but you must be the final voice.

Eat well, eat with love, and honor yourself with the space and time to cook, sit, chew and digest.

Remember, imagination is the best and most powerful medicine in the universe.

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