Sunday, 25 November 2012

Manly Sex Talk

I was in a store today, looking over some books. I came across a book called something like ' Dealing with Aggressive Partners". I felt it was an interesting title so I picked it up. It spent 500+ pages talking about abusive men and how to deal with them.

I did not read the book, I can not say if it was useful or not. What I did learn is that somehow "aggressive partners" means men.

BULLSHIT!!!! Women can be aggressive to. Usually in different ways. Usually in less obvious ways. Emotional abuse, controlling behaviors, manipulation and so many more ways.

Statistically women are more likely to cheat on their male partners and lie about it.

I have been living in a women focused healing world and have learned that a lot of women blame men for so many things. They might have reason for it but I am not that man. I have been abused and it is not fun. I choose to accept my lessons and learn and forgive. I also refuse to believe that men are the only aggressors.

It is time to find peace and forgiveness with all sexes. No one needs to be abused. No one needs to be a victim. We need to heal our hearts and our communities. Mend our bridges and begin to build something meaningful on a foundation of peace.

Together, men and women, of all nations. We shall all be alive and free together, and only together. No one person or race or sex or whatever is more important then any other.

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