Monday, 9 April 2012

I protest!!!!

I protest!!!!

I protest against big business, against government, against control, against industrial growth and environmental degradation.

I protest against horrible educational systems, that fail our children and have failed us.

I protest against against conscious ignorance and perpetual stupidity.

I protest against greed.

I protest against the many laws that protect the people who destroy the land around us.

I protest against the many laws that allow people to disempower us.

I protest against ANYTHING that does not support individuals in learning how to love themselves more....

How do I protest?

I protest by loving myself and by learning how to love myself more.

Whatever I need to do to tend to my heart, to listen to my heart, to follow my heart,

Whatever I need to do to reap the brilliance and inspiration that comes from within me...

I will do.

If this breaks laws, shatters corporate ideals, if I twist people so uncomfortably that they might have to look at themselves????

I will love myself.

I protest by being a specimen of self love

By walking and talking, sharing, meditation, eating, sleeping, dancing, singing, looking, hearing and EVERYTHING I do is to love myself.

There is not a single human construct that can take that away from me.

Nature supports it, the universe supports it, I support it.

For it is time to love yourself.

Everything that you have told yourself of why you can not love yourself, why you can not go there, why it is not possible, it does not matter any more. It is time....

The revolution has started.

It wont be one of violence or picket signs.

 It will be one where we just leave behind the way things have been and we dream awake what can be possible....

A life and a world where the sole mission of every human being is to love themselves, completely and fully, unconditionally.

I protest...

I protest in the most deep and profound way that I know

I have already changed my world.

I will keep changing it, one day at a time

One motion at a time

Every motion and every day shall be honoured with self love

I will not fail, I love myself that much.

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