Monday, 9 April 2012

Witch Doctor House Call (Mantra's and Affirmations)

I have seen hundreds of courses and programs on the concept of reprogramming the brain/mind. I think they are wonderful, great businesses. I mean if you have something simple that everyone could or should know, and you put a bunch of lingo and flashy names and practices around it and make money, good on you... (cough, sarcasm, cough...)

If I had one thing I could teach the children in our school systems that they do not know already, it would be positive self talk. Negative self talk is one of the easiest to remedy social poisons I know and the teenagers these days are masters a negative self talk. Most people in general are pretty practiced at negative self talk. We are all so clear on our limits. What we are too weak, old, tired, dumb, slow, unskilled etc... 

Positive self talk is simple. Find an affirmation, make it up yourself. Something simple and positive, without negative words like don't or not. Repeat it over and over again until your whole essence gets it. For instance if you want to sing but are afraid to for whatever reason a simple affirmation might be, "I love my voice". Practice this, change it whenever and how ever you want. Don't worry if you forget it or you do not use it very much, it is a practice.

My mantra is I surrender to my dreams, I will succeed, I love myself that much.

Now this usually costs you thousands of dollars and two or three weekends of your life, just send me a comment and we will call it even. How about sharing your own personal favorite affirmation.

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