Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Manly Sex Talk (One at a time)

I have had the honor of having some pretty personal conversations about sex with 5 men over the past few weeks. All have some how gotten tot he idea of monogamy. Mostly because I am single and they where all in committed relationships. It occured to me that the conversations I was having with these men might surprise some people out there. All 5 men where clearly into Monogamy. One person at a time. Now I am not sure if they had lovers on the side and did not want to share or where just spitting out what they thought they were supposed to say. What it did appear like is that they where genuinely trying to honor the person they where with by being with them and really did not want to stray from the nest.

So I did some research. Apparently in North America some studies have shown that woman are 2 times more likely to cheat on their committed relationship then men. TWO TIMES! I never would have guessed. I reminded me of the MANY times I have heard woman bad mouthing men about being cheaters and dogs and untrustworthy and selfish. I wonder if the women saying these things where actually talking about themselves?

My truth is that we need to be clear. If you wanna be my lover, I like to know that there are not a lot of other people in your bed. This is more for safety for me. If you wanna be in a committed relationship, go ahead, if you wanna be in an open one, enjoy. Just be honest. It is the deceit and lying that ruin everything. Explore your sexual sides, enjoy it, work on it, talk about it, have fun with it, allow yourself to get carried away, dont think about it to much, be in your heart and above all else, when it comes to sex Be honest with yourself and your lover.

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