Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Manly Sex Talk (Man That Feels Good Responses)

So I wrote about one of my teachings of self pleasure. Manly Sex Talk (Man that feels good)

I have not received one response or comment from this post but I have heard from almost everyone who I know about this blog post. Mostly from women. actually I have not heard anything from men. Hmmmm! I wonder if this intrigues women more them men. Are women more curious about my self pleasure then men? Do men care? Are men scared? I think it is that last one. Men are scared to talk about themselves and their sexuality, sexual preferences and sexual history.

Truth is all I ever hear from men is what they accomplished, not what they like, what they struggle with or what they dream about. So let me share those. I like intellectual stimulation, it turns me on. If I am intellectually challenged, I am sexually hot. I struggle with expectations of myself. I always want to perform, I get caught up in the performance and have trouble releasing into the moment. I dream about a long term partner that wants to go deep into sexual exploration. Not only the body but the mind, heart, spirit of sex. I know I have work to do to get tot he point that I am ready to trust someone enough to go there.

All this aside, I do not care if you are blushing by my blogs, or if you find them brave or funny or stupid. I am a human being that is struggling to get my life where I want it. I have issues and insecurities. i need to be supported and held. I am fragile and breakable. I am also not going to wait for anyone or anything to heal me or change my life. I am committed to making my life better. I am committed to sharing my struggles. I am committed to talking about sex. I am committed to having the sex of my dreams..... who's with me?

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