Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Story of Kevin The Wolf (Second Verse)

School was a painful experience for me. I showed enough intelligence that everyone had high expectations of me. I just could not follow protocol, procedure or the giving up and giving in to schedule. I could not put it into words then, but I feel I was trying to fight for myself right to exist and explore in this world. How debilitating to the spirit to give up ALL control over my scheduling. I understand that kids need structure but school was not structured, it was repressive, controlling and disrespectful. I see a lot of adults damaged by their schooling and still acting out as if a teacher where in the room with them. At a young age people are seriously delicate and need to have that taken into account.

I got into trouble as a kid, not for being mechievious, but for having trouble swtiching from one task to another. I wanted to keep doing the math I was into instead of going onto reading and writting. I wanted to keep playing with the blocks that were building the castle of my dreams instead of going into the realm of history or geography. I am not the only with school P.T.S.D. Those who choose to instill schedules and rules and regulations, those who live by strictness and control are still in trauma. Humans need space and freedom to heal, discover their hearts desire and to play in the brilliant playground of nature. We need to explore, challenge and discover new thoughts, new ideas and new ways of experiencing our senses. This can only be done if the school system is done with.

Industrial education is archaic. It has failed us and is deeply failing our children. I wish it was only failing people. It is hurting our children. It is hurting the precious ones we are here to protect. We have so many more options to support a healthy educational system. Support the child, honor the child, give the child the tools they need to succeed. Help the young ones find their loves, their desires and what they like to do. Help them build it up. Help them learn how to learn. Help them grow and give them the tools needed to find and build self confidence. Encourage them to speak up, give them a voice, allow them the right to have control over their education. Empower them, love them. The education system is sick and is passing on that sickness to our kids. We can do SOOOOOO much better.

I just made it through the educational system. Luckily I had the fortitude to know how to do just enough to get by. I am still healing from that ordeal, the atrocity of what I had to do every day. Funny thing is that most of my teachers from then that I have encountered along my adult life have agreed with me that the system is horrible. I think we all agree yet not many have the strength to fight the system. To bring change. To put the hearts and minds of our future in a safe and healthy environment. One that prepares them for this changing world with useful tools and strong hearts and minds.

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