Wednesday, 16 May 2012


We are a shifting species. We are in a time of great change. I am not alone in seeing this. Many observers and on lookers can see this. From the environmental shifts to the technological advancements to our ever-weakening economic system, we are in a great deal of turmoil. I can help. I can change myself. I cannot do the work or make the transition easy on anyone, in fact I do not think it would be effective change if it were easy, it would be a side step. Changing is hard work; it takes a lot of inner strength, a great deal of concentration and a whole lot of patience. Change is a tough path to follow but it is a brilliant one. It is a path that will open you up, allow you to see things you never could before. It is a path where you can be fulfilled, truly happy and a whole lot healthier. Change is what needs to happen. You can live as you do and fade into obsolete times or you can change and be part of this time we are in is coming to.

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