Thursday, 17 May 2012

Humans are so not the highest form of being

Humans are not the highest for of being. Some cultures believe humans are the last step before enlightenment. HA!!! Double HA!!! As far as I can tell humans are pretty low on the enlightened food chain. I can even say that humans are half as awake as the trees in my back yard.

Anyone fullish enough to believe that they are more powerful, intelligent, enlightened, alive then a sunflower sprout or a black fly is just plain asleep. They are missing the point. They are lost in their ego, their fear and their head.

Sail to your heart and you might find a world FAR beyond your imagination. Learn to live in your heart and you will see the power in a grain of sand, not in your thoughts. Thoughts are finite, a grain of sand is infinite. Let go of any idea of hierarchy, spiritual, emotional or physical.  We humans are no more important then ANYTHING that exists. We are no more enlightened, intelligent, alive... we are soooooooo not the only intelligent life on this planet. Not even close.

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