Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Immuunity enhanced

Question number two from my open question period.

The question asked was;

"Share your knowledge on herbs....specifically those that help boost immunity"

Oh the world of immunity. This I believe to be a severely misunderstood concept. Immunity? What is the immune system? How does it work?  How can I strengthen it?

In my world the immune system is the gateway between worlds. It is easily influenced by emotional, spiritual and physical factors. The immune system can be to strong. Everyone wants a strong immune system neglecting the fact that the immune system is a finely tuned, magical world that can not be strong nor soft. It needs to be listened to.

When I feel something is off in my physical system. Something like a scratchy throat or tiredness or skin issues or digestive issues, I stop and listen. I have hundreds of tools to support my immune system but I need to know what to do to help it.

I ask, is my immune system tired? Over used? underused? stressed? Confused? anxious?

Is my immune system needing rest? Nutrients? calming?

I then go to my life questions. Am I asking to much from myself? Am I taking time and care of myself? Am I needing to be moving, slowing down, stopping, running? Am I neglecting something? Am I overdoing or undergoing something?

I gather as much information from my immune system and then the medicine becomes clear. Strengthening the immune system is a joke. You do not strengthen the immune system, you listen to it. The immune system is a guide.

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