Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Woman more spiritual then men?

So part of my most recent Blog project/calling has been to open up to questions. The first one I got on From Facebook is;

I know I am generalizing here, but what are your thoughts on why women more than men (in North America) seem drawn to spiritual pursuits?

Interesting question seeing it is very obvious in my life. I work at a Spiritual retreat center called Northern Edge. There are usually 80% women participating in any given event. I have asked myself, as I seem to be the lone or one of a few men in any training I have done. There are not a lot of men.

One thought is the balance shift. The history of men in our culture is one of dominance. A healthy male figure is a provider and protector. Women have moved into a roll of self providers and self protectors. The traditional healthy male model is obsolete. 

So where does that leave men? I have written before about mens roll in this new world is to support the re-emergence of the Goddess figures in our culture. There has been matriarchal cultures before and i believe we are at the beginning of a matriarchal culture again. I believe that women will lead the change and healing that is needed in our world. Men are to support, hold space and listen and learn. 

Men are not part of the spiritual awakening yet for they have some mourning and letting go to do. Our healing process is not the same for most women. This is why I share. I am a male. I am strong. I am emotional. I am vulnerable. I support women and the healing of this culture. I will help every male channel their yang energy, their aggressive power, their physical strength into holding space, loving and caring energy and a full participant in supporting in every way possible. 

In my view, women are charged with healing this disaster of a world and culture. The least I can do as a male is to help in every way to make it as easy as possible. 

Any more questions?

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