Friday, 4 May 2012

Kindness over Intelligence

I choose kindness over intelligence any day any place.
Intelligence, in all I have seen, is nothing more then an illusion, a magic trick. Humans know so few concrete truths about any given subject. Those people who are deemed intelligent just put on a better mental show than those who are not. They are mentalists, not intelligent.  They do not have more power or less power then anyone else. We are all equally perfect. Everyone and everything. 
What impresses me is kindness. Intelligence takes no effort, kindness is a practice that takes a lot of work. A kind person is FAR more valuable to a community then a smart person. I trust kind people, I get work done with kind people. I love being around kind people. Smart people fuck up this planet, the education system, politics. 
Smart/Intelligent is useless.  Kindness, useful.

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