Thursday, 3 May 2012

Witch Doctor House Call (Start at the beginning)

It took me a while to figure this one out. I think I understood the logic of it years ago but I never really fully digested it till recently.

Disease and discomfort do not start in the body.  I have never seen disease or discomfort the really started in the body. It is not a possibility to start in the body. That would assume the body is seperate from the Spirit or the emotional self.

There is nothing wrong with disease or pain. It is a gift and part of our journey. I do not present this theory to show that we need to pay more attention to our Spirit/Soul or emotional self. I have seen enough to know that we are all doing our very best.

I share this because when someone starts to heal the body I believe they need to know that there will be much more work to do. The emotional self and the spiritual self will need to be healed, loved, rested and changed. I can not in good conscience prescribe herbal formulas for someone without giving them medicine for their emotions and for their Spirit.

When we heal we need to heal every part of us. There is no Mind/Body connection. It is not a connection, it is an complete organism, it is the same thing. The mind and body and spirit are inseparable, it is one living entity. To focus on one is impossible. Everything we do affects every part of us.

Imagine yourself healthy. All of you, not just the parts that are obvious.

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