Friday, 29 June 2012

Cycling Rain

I can only imagine the long journey this drop of rain has taken to get to me

Drawn from the vast oceans
Separated from its salty, heavy lover
Enticed up to the sky,  filling its void
married to others from all over this planet
creating vast white shadows accenting the blue beyond

Together they block the sun
Shade the land,
Create images for imagination everywhere to pass hours pointing and pondering
Gathering in great force

Until one day the force of remaining lite becomes to heavy of a burden
Together they fall

From every corner of the planet
to running down my cheek,
wetting my soul,
refreshing my deep thirst
connecting me with everything.

Again they meet,
Heavy and fast
Running to its mother
Returning to its great salty lover
Only to wait for hundreds of years till it is chosen again to complete the cycle.

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