Saturday, 20 October 2012

I demand better from Facebook

MOre opinions on the institution known as Facebook. I will keep it short.

Why I choose not to support Facebook

1. Anything I post on this site belongs to them not to me. My writing, my art, my photos technically is there's if I port it on their site.
2. They sell info about me to anyone who wishes to pay
3. I am forced to use my real name, given name. I can not use a nick name or my spirit name.
4. There is a cultural dependence on facebook. Facebook is collecting information about you and your friends to use to make money. This is not a public service
5. There has to be another choice, I choose to support new, more honest companies
6. I am not putting all my eggs in the same basket.
7. Facebook is too big, to powerful. Choices are the balance of power. 

I hereby will start a new Blog list. Sites I like better then Facebook.

Let me begin with Well constructed, nice. fair and simple.

We need more choice and better ones.

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