Friday, 19 October 2012

Sacred Writings: Dreamers

Above all else the purpose everyone on this planet has is to follow your dream. Semantics leads us to argue on this term, I choose dream, some say calling, passion, duty, whatever you might call it, you MUST follow it. I believe that everyone knows what their dream is. You might not be able to articulate it, or put it into a picture or something clear, but deep down inside you know. Its what makes your heart beat, your lungs work. It is why you are here.

Do not worry if you can not articulate or know what your dream is. Have faith in yourself. Keep learning, keep doing what interests you, keep growing and changing, eventually you will start to see patterns, eventually you will see what your inner self is sharing. 

A few tips
1. Never put your love, interests and desires completely aside. Not for anyone, not for any reason. Your needs are the basis of sustainability, the basis for a healthy future. Sometimes we work with others, we have commitments, we have needs. Fill them but never stop working on your dream, on yourself, on you hearts longing. Even if it is 5 mins everyday. never go a day without time for yourself.

2. If someone asks you what your dream is don't feel like you have to answer. We are our dreams, someone can just observe us and see what it is. By asking I hear them asking if you can help them find their dream. The desire to know in our head takes us away from our hearts. We do not need to know in our heads, we just need to have faith that our heart knows. Our heads and knowing is for the details "How are we going to pay for it?" "How are we going to make it reality" etc. 

3. If you think you are so lost you have no idea what you dream is, then have fun! You can just as easily change that to "i am not clear in my head of what my dream is, but I have faith in myself" or "I am living my dream everyday, all the time, even if I do not see it"

4. Check in from time to time to make sure it is your dream and not someone elses. We have been trained to follow others dreams and create for others. This takes time to let go of and to transition into the skill set to know what your dream. You can learn a lot from following others dreams, especially when they align to our own, but make sure you are not switching your dream for others.

If we are to work together in a brighter world then we have to have faith in ourselves. It is the thread that aligns communities. It is what makes us whole, as individuals and as a planet. We have to live in harmony with ourselves before we live in harmony with everyone else. The sacred writing share that we are each given one piece we must complete in out lives. We will complete this piece no matter what we do, it is inevitable  The only choice we have is how we do it. Do we do it with love and joy or do we struggle through it? 

Your fate is sealed. You will complete your fate, no way around it. Destiny, well that is up to you. How do you complete your fate, what style, how difficult do you make it on yourself? 

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