Sunday, 21 October 2012

It is in my opinion that we are headed for war. Seriously, war is in the cards. Actual fighting. The funny part is most people do not know who they are fighting. There is no villain or big bad guy doing really evil things. What I see is that somehow, we are fighting ourselves. We argue with ourselves, and punish ourselves, why? Why would someone hate themselves? Or continue to hate themselves even when they know they can love themselves. Seriously i don't get it.

Im not a spiritual person. I belong to no religion, no philosophy, no dogma. I dont really care for the concept of God, higher power, whatever. I am rather pragmatic about the whole thing. Self love is the most powerful thing I have ever experienced. If God does exist then He/She is best understood in learning how to love oneself.

I am not an expert either. I fuck up a lot. What I do though is commit to celebrating my efforts to love myself, knowing that it will never be perfect. I accept myself for who I am.

We can avoid war. We have that choice. We can learn to love ourselves, accept our strengths and weaknesses, celebrate ourselves. WE can learn how to dream peacefully. We can choose to stop fighting others, the system, the man, whomever you choose. We can stop fighting and start working together.

The power that comes together in rooms full of people that have strong self love, are amazing. Seriously amassing powers, for change, for healing, for laughter, for hope. The only thing I would ever wish on my descendants is for them to love themselves.

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