Monday, 1 October 2012

Manly Sex Talk - Sex is not only about sex anymore

Somewhere in my sexual career I slowly and unconsciously changed from an animal getting laid to a human healing others.

With my body, my mind, my heart and my spirit, when I enter into the sacred act of sex, my intention is to heal.

I can not heal others, or heal the lover I am with. I can only heal myself.

It is remarkable. While I tend to my healing I end up creating a healing environment that my lover benefits from. Then my lover heals, creating a safer environment for me to heal. The spiral supports a brilliant experience that ends up shifting everything.

Healing does not mean being soft and gentle every time. It means you honor your heart, yourself and the environment you are in. Explore your sole, explore yourself, allow yourself to be open.

Sex is now a healing tool I carry along with me.

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