Thursday, 4 October 2012

Drawing lines before the wall

My lessons in life are constant. I seem to be learning much for many reasons. I am not sure why i am put in the situations I am, I always approach it with integrity and love. I make mistakes and find myself giving into fear and insecurity, but in the end I always take the lesson at hand into my life.

Recently I have learned a great deal about drawing lines. This is the art of knowing that a personal boundary is being encroached upon before it is reached. For instance, I might have a boundary about how many hours I work in a week or how much complaining I listen to from a friend before I have had enough. It is not only important to know where the too much line is, it is essential to know a few steps before it.

If a friend was complaining and I waited till I was at my limit, I would be harsh, short or even mean... "Stop complaining now!" If I had stopped it before my limit, I might be kinder " i hear you my friend, Tell me about the best part of your day?" or something supportive and helpful.

In life we must draw lines. In a peaceful life we must draw pre-lines.

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