Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My brain hurts

I can not explain it. i just have to write about it. This weekend I felt that my channelling went from a manageable speed of information to a very high speed of information. I am now channelling fare faster then I ever had.

What is channelling you ask? I describe it as connecting with the universe. Its like getting connected to the Internet, a source of great information and distraction. The universe is not that different. Humans (and all animals as far as I know) are connected to the universe and can channel anything they want, if they let themselves and learn how.

All you have to do, it sounds easier then it is, is to listen. Practise listening to yourself. Your inner voice, your thoughts, you insights. Listen well and hard and often. Check in with yourself and you will see that there is a lot going on inside you and all around you that you never imagined before.

Love yourself, seriously it is all we are ever asked to do. Self love is the highest form of power.....

Try it, you will soon be connected to a far greater source of information then the internet will ever be.

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