Wednesday, 31 October 2012

We can let it go

It is not your duty, nor your responsibility to save this planet. Nor is it your duty or responsibility to save humanity, your family, your lovers. It is not your responsibility to take on any impossible task.

It is your responsibility to love yourself. Nothing else. If you love yourself then you will be saving the planer, saving humanity. If you love yourself then you will be free and full of life, passion and drive. If you love yourself you will live your dream. You will be successful, you will be everything you ever dreamt.

Self love is a practice that requires your constant attention. It is your number one focus. Never think you do love yourself. Always strive to love yourself better. Always push harder.

It is amazing how easy it is to change your life. It is a simple process. Love yourself..... it will change things and fast.

I will share tips that help me in loving self. I will write them more often as I have already in this blog.

If you have any please put them int he comments or email me and Ill post them.

Lets collect all the pieces of self love.

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