Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sacred Writings: Story of John

Rain or shine, wet or dry it did not matter to John. He was and always will be, walking the streets of North Falls. The houses could be burning down, the sun about to implode, the wild creatures could start a revolt against their human oppressors, it would not stop John from his daily walk. Up Main Street, left at the second lights, down Freedom Ave and over threw the Blue Bird Park. John dressed in his Sunday best everyday except for his rain boots and a Big Boss baseball cap he’s had for 20 years. John has long white hair, it used to be blond, a slim body with a slight belly and big blue eyes. The ladies used to walk with John, hoping to get on his good side and have him take them home. He was strong, wise, very intelligent and mysterious, how could any woman resist?

No one knew where John lived. Locals debated this for hours at the local pub. Some thought he lived on the ridge north of the falls, some thought he had no home. Some argued that John lived in town and others thought he was a ghost and needed no home at all.  Many tried to follow John to get a glimpse of his unknown living quarters but they would get tired and stop. John walked everywhere and all the time, never stopping to drink, eat, pee or talk. He would talk to whoever came to walk with him. He had great insight on many of the people’s problems. Troubled souls would come from all over asking John about love, health and religious angst. Apparently John left every person who walked with him free of burdens, full of hope and with plans to continue on in their daily life.  

Deep thoughts crossed Johns mind. Never did he give them any space to linger. He could not care less about the philosophies of life, love or the universe. John had witnessed enough strange things in his life to believe in the present moment. He believed that we are all observers of this world. That what we think we choose and control we do not. We have no space, no time, no past, no future. John knew in his heart that there was only the present moment. Only now.

He had argued this point with many people. Wiser people then he would brand him a fool. Fights would occur. All was set in stone for John. He believed there was nothing we could do to change the patterns of our life. WE had no control. We had only the ability to observe our present moment.  He believed that there was no we. That he was everything and that everything was he. Nothing existed apart from him and he was, in essence, everything.

John knew when he realized this concept. When he was freed from the burden of making choices. When he started walking around this town. John never told the story, how could he, he no longer remembered the past. For John there was no past. He was stuck, or liberated, in the present. He was not scared, happy, worried, excited. He was not enlightened, nor endarkened. John was.

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