Friday, 26 October 2012

Witch Doctor House Call: Healthfood stores

Let me ask you
Imagine yourself in your local Healthfood store, eco store or even local grocery store. Now imagine walking down the isles, checking out the deals, what’s new, what looks good for dinner. You pick up a favorite product, put it in your basket and move on.
Now let me ask you 4 simple questions I bet you cannot answer;
1.     Is the packaging of that product recycled, or eco friendly?
2.     Who owns that company and where do the profits go?
3.     Where are the raw ingredients actually from?
4.     What’s the point of this product?
I can assure you that there are many questions facing Eco/Health products that need to be asked that I am not going to talk about. What I am going to talk about is what questions the Eco/Health companies do not want you to ask. Lets take a look at what I have found.
1.     Most companies use “main stream”, “non eco” packaging and WAY to much of it.
2.     Big companies like, Colgate, Clorox, Kraft and more have bought up many of the companies that are on the Green/Eco/Health shelves
3.     SO many “Local” companies import products from the other side of the planet. Consider the packaging, the local climate and what is in the package and ask yourself, how could I get my hands on local raw materials to make this product? Is it possible?
4.     What is the point of Organic Oreos? Or Organic Fruit Loops? Do you need them for any reason besides pleasure? Hey I’m not saying don’t enjoy them, I am just asking so you are aware of why you buy them. Don’t assume that if it is in a small independently owned health food store that Millions of dollars has not been spent on the marketing to try to convince you that you “NEED” this product
Start by asking the store employees. If they cannot find an answer then contact the companies VIA websites and contact info on the back of the product. Use common sense.  And remember, you hold all the power. The biggest companies in the world are afraid of you finding out the truth, they will change their practices if enough people ask questions they don’t want to answer.

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