Tuesday, 16 October 2012

We're doomed if we keep acting so stupid!!!!

Seriously pissed off here!!!!! Deep disappointment happening everyday!!!!

There is an opportunity to make serious change in this world. We can create a stronger community, a healthier planet full of connected and balanced humans living in harmony with everything around them.

It is very possible!!!! But not if we keep fighting each other.

I have met a number os "shamans" and spiritual leaders from around the world. Most seem to be focused on control, anger and mis trust of each other. Seriously, when you have a cat fight between a "shaman" and a high priest about how to appropriately hold prayer or who to pray to, well, it gives me little hope that we will actually make change.

If the big machine of the information gathering countries are looking at the spiritual movement it does not see it as a threat. We fight each other too much. We are weak. We can be destroyed with simple propaganda in an instant. We pose no threat to their control.

WE NEED TO CLOSE IN THE GAPS. Stop all this control of who has the right to what teachings and who did what to whom many years ago. We need to put differences aside and start something together, something united, something with purpose.

The war of change is upon us. Humans HAVE to change. No way around it. We are being told, every culture, that this is the time. Now lets stop being fucking idiots and actually help, love supoort and work with each other!!!!

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