Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sacred Writings : The War Begins

The impending war is upon us. We are gathering in strength. THe side I choose does not fight with guns and propaganda. The side I choose fights with self respect, strong community and purpose and an understanding that we are not visitors on this planet but a part of this planet as a whole. Everything I do to the planet, the people and animals and plants on this planet, I do to myself.

The control and fear of our planet is rampant. The disease of panic and paranoia is wildly abundant. We fear our best friends, our neighbours, our community, our governments, our families. We are drowning in fear. The cure is upon us and its tough medicine.

If we are to survive as a species, and survive with purpose, we have to stand strong together. That means we have to trust others and be trust worthy ourselves. We HAVE to let the idea of duality go. You are the same as me. Everyone is the same as everyone else. We are all together or we are done.

This brings to mind two very sacred practices that I wish to share with you. It is the secret of every great community. The magic that I am about to share is something that requires attention and introspection. THese practices are for those who wish a better world....

1. Trust yourself. Self trust is essential. Know your boundaries, know your limits, know them intimately  Never make excuses for them. Your boundaries are yours. NEVER go beyond them without extreme caution. Learn to say no with kindness and let it go. NEVER let guilt guide you... never, ever, ever. Tend to your needs first, without being gluttonous. For your sake, love yourself. Learn to trust your instincts. Know your fears, your doubts. Learn to love them.

2. Trust Others: Surround yourself with people who trust themselves. It is the best way to trust others. If someone tells you what you want to hear then they are not being honest. Learn to take harsh criticism. Learn to hear NO. Learn to let go of expectations. Learn to let go of needs from others. Ask reasonable requests. Never waste someones time. Always show appreciation for everything others do for you. Take risks that do not hurt you to much if they do not work out. Build understanding and clear communication with others. Remember that everyone has a different way of understanding this world then you. Forgive, let go, give 2nd, 3rd and as many chances as it takes. Teach others about what you need with love and kindness. Be patient, this takes time.

The war has begun. Let us put our little squabbles aside. WHo cares who said what to whom, who broke what promise, who lied or cheated. These can be dealt with later. Let us turn our attention to the GREAT injustices. The large companies, groups and forces that are trying to pit us against each other.

We have all the power. You have all the power.

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