Thursday, 25 October 2012

Witch Doctor House Call: Lavender oil

Recently I had a young friend come down with an illness that gave her a bad rash. I was a helper on this healing process, and went to the pharmacy for this young friend. I looked over the choices of what I could offer her for the itchiness, calamine lotion, some other creams, chemical stew, toxic sludge hhhhmmmm, the choices where tough.

Then I remembered Lavender essential oil. God I love this shit. I put the shit on everything. Mix 3 drops of high grade Lavender essential oil (Make sure it is pure essential oil, go to a health food store for this) with 2 table spoons of olive oil or sesame oil.  Put this on a cloth and rub it on the itchy parts.... it works.

How about burns, sun or fuck that's a hot pot burns. Yes it will stop scarring, speed up the healing process, numb the pain, cool, disinfect, destroy bacteria, and more.

Body odor, Lavender essential oil works very well as a deodorant.

Calming, emotional support. Cant get to sleep, cant get your kid to sleep, try some lavender oil.

Now, there is no side effects but it is strong. With kids and those who have sensitive noses just use a little bit. Mix it with oil. Put a drop on a blanket and smell it or on a tissue.

This is one of the secrets the pharmaceutical monsters do not want you to know about. Lavender essential oil is the most important part of my first aid kit, my medical counter and my healing. I seriously put that shit on everything.

Remember that you have the power. There is more power to heal you within 100 yards of your front steps then any pill you can ever get. You just have to learn, share and ask.

Want to know more about essential oils? One of the masters of our time is found here

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