Sunday, 11 November 2012

Manly Sex Talk: Awkward Moments are not necessary

Sex is a strange thing sometimes. It is not consistent, nor is it easy. It is not something that is brilliant every time. Even porn stars, the professional sex people, have to take many takes to get it "right".

Awkward is not necessary. Be a professional. Give yourself and your partner a break. Understand that if you cum to early, never cum, if she never cums, if you you bump into each other a lot, move in bed like a drunk elephant then this in normal.

If you hide, cower or run after then you loose. You suck, and not in the good way.

Sexiness is not about being perfect, hell thats boring. Sexiness is about the willingness to learn and improve. Talk to your partner(s) about what happened. Do not accuse the other(s) of anything. Do not accuse yourself of anything.

Find a way to build together.

When I work with a friend to build a wall or repair a roof, we do not accuse each other of failing. We share what we are trying to do and see if we can not work better together. We learn, we plan, we leave our egos at the door and work. Try to approach talking about sex the same way. If you are deeply insecure then work on that away from the conversation of sex. Get the help you deserve.

Sex is work. It is important. It is healthy, very healthy. If you are not having regular sex, with others or with yourself (whatever that means, having sex is different for everyone and not my place to suggest what that actually means, only you can know that), then take a look at why not. Why do you not want to be healthy?

If it is awkward to talk about sex, then look within to see why you want to make it awkward? Is it serving you to be awkward? Is there another way of looking at this situation?

Peaceful, beautiful sex is a lot of work and worth it.

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