Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sacred Writings: The Balanced State

I have been trying to understand what to call the balanced state between good and bad, right and wrong, light and darkness.

I believe that duality is not realistic. We have to love and be open to everything in the spectrum of existence. Darkness can not exist without light so both are equally as powerful, important and worthy of my honor. I love and honor God and Satan equally and as part of a whole.

What I have been shown is this middle state, this all encompassing state is what I call Graditudenal State.

One is grateful for everything. One has gratitude for all experiences, all parts of this world. one finds peace, understanding in everything. One is grateful to be a part of this existence.

Gratitude is the true practice of non duality. When one can be grateful for everything in this universe then they are in concert with everything and have found true inner and outer peace.

Try it. Be grateful for everything in your life..... EVERYTHING!!!!

Gratitude is how we exercise complet unity

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