Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sacred Writings: 5 Channeling Tips

I have been realising the degree of my channeling as of late. I always thought I had a hightened intuition or a very perceptive eye. What I am realising is that I am channeling spirits, voices, information, whatever it is, it is channeling through me.

So I am learning to channel. I am learning what is my shit and what is coming through me. I am learning what to share with people and what to let go.

Here are a few tips that help me a lot.

1. Breathing. This is essential. When feeling overwhelmed, tired, angry without reason, depressed, whatever, Breath! Take time to breath and let the breath, deep breath, pass through you and over you. Let the air you breath cleanse you, clear you and allow you not to react or attach to the feeling. All feelings will pass.

2. Passing/recurring. After you breath take not of what you are feeling. Let it go. If it comes back again and again then it deserves deeper consideration. If it just passes then it is just clearing through you. DO NOT take on what is not yours!!!!

3. Letting Go.  Your brain is the worst at holding on to things. It wants to understand everything. You are in control of your brain. If it obsesses over something then find a distraction. I like a meditation where I repeat a nice word over and over again. Love or Light or Calm or whatever you like. Close your eyes and repeat it over and over again until your brain stops thinking about what it was obsessing over.

4. Give Time.  Make sure you set aside time to channel. Find a safe, quiet location. Close your eyes, breath and allow the messages to come. Allow yourself to have meetings with yourself. Allow yourself to talk to the voices, feel the colors, the messages, the images. Be present, do not fear. Take notes. Ask the channeled information if it wants to be shared.

5. Pipes. This one helps a lot. I imagine pipes, like plumbing pipes, going through my whole body. When I am feeling distracted by something coming to me and I need to be present in my life, I imagine the pipes aligning and the information flowing through me to the ground. When the info hits the ground it dissipates into the earth. Groundedness

There are more. I will continue to share. Remember, it is not your duty to share everything, understand everything or know what the hell you are doing. It is your duty to follow your dream. As you get closer to your living your dream you will probably channel more shit. Learn to let it be, not distract you and DO NOT take it on!

Imagine the life of your dreams and live it. No one can do what you do. You are the key to everything.

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