Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sacred Writings: Enough ceremony, get to work!

IT has been my honor to sit through a great deal of ceremonies. Christian, Jewish, First nations, Celtic, Pegan, Shamanic and more. I have seen many levels of ceremony. I am not an expert but I have seen one thing that comes up in EVERY ceremonial style I have seen.

IUt is time to get to work. Enough of the pageantry, the showiness, the fascination with items, style, procedure or process. There is time to honor the elements, the Gods, the spirits, but then it is time to get to work.

How are we helping ourselves, our circles and communities? How are we strengthening our love, our intention, what is our intention of the ceremony? How can we share what we have learned? How can we reach out and help those who are looking for help  How can we physically honor our planet? How can we build a future worth living in for our kids and their kids?

I love banging the drum, signing, praying and sharing in a circle. I love the gift of gathering with others for healing, for honoring  What I struggle with is what to do with this gift, with this energy, with this healing self? How can i share ti with the world?

This is what I have learned from the sacred text that I was gifted. We gather in sacred ceremony for the sake of others, not for ourselves. I heal for you. I love myself so I can love you more. I live my dream so you can live yours. If only you could do the same for me.....

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