Friday, 23 November 2012

Which Doctor House Call: You have to read this

In the wake of me quitting facebook and looking at what that entails in my life, I have done some research and found out some rather scary things.

Facebook, Google, airmiles, and so many more, are collecting information about you, your spending habits, your lifestyles, your choices and trying to work them against you. They sell this info to big marketers and the marketers goal is to distract you long enough to sell you something.

This is not a conspiracy theory, this is real and happening.

Read this article to get caught up on what is happening out there. 

How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Why does this matter?

Because it distracts you from your life. This is the force of distraction, not evil or bad, just distraction. It tries to convince you that what you need for happiness or fulfillment is in the walls of Target, Walmart, whatever....

The truth is, what you need to be happy and fulfilled is in you. It is pursuing your dreams at all costs. It is taking yourself seriously. It is pushing through all the distractions and getting to the golden ray of light that is in you and putting it out into the world, however you choose to put it out there.

You are the most powerful person in your universe.

Start acting like it....

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