Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sacred Writtings: My own shit

I want to yell at you. I want to get angry with you and everyone. It feels good sometimes, it makes me feel like I have power, I feel like I have retribution, I feel like I have defended myself, my honor and my self respect.....

Well, maybe not. Truth is, when I get angry at someone I feel like shit. I have never experienced a reason to get angry at someone. Once I get angry I am not present, not able to be a mirror for the other, not myself.

Once I get angry I become my past, my fears, my worries. I am not me, here and now, I am back then.

when I feel angry I have three choices....

1. Ignore it. Not an option for anything

2. Breath, recognize it and accept it as a teaching of some trigger I have. I can learn from that trigger, that pain and thank the person or situation that has angered me. I can see it as a teaching

3. I get angry. Not a valuable option.

I must accept and deal with my own shit. It is mine and mine alone. I collect and use tools, many of them to help me understand, use and create with my emotional self.

I find peace in myself and in no one else.

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