Friday, 2 November 2012

Witch Doctor House Call: Slowing down time

Be still. Be still and be patient.

Before you close your eyes to sleep every night take the time to honor the day. Not in prayer to a God/Goddess or in meditation but in honor of the day.

Think back to the first thing you remember about your day. Think back to the first tasks you did. You arose, you went to the bathroom, you walked, you washed, you ate, you talked, you made food, you drank water, you stretched, you looked out the window you looked in the mirror. Try to remember as many tasks as you can.

This does two things

1. It helps your memory. It also, in the same vain, slows down time. When time is an illusion. Since it is not real we can manipulate it. You can slow it down by remembering how much you have done. If you move from one task to the other without taking time to honor then we forget the previous task. This remembering helps slow down time by improving our memory

2. IT honors the fucking brilliance we create every day. It is a miracle that we even get out of bed in the morning. It is a miracle that we can stand. This is a working together of thousands of forces to balance ourselves on our feet. Then we add on our daily routine.... seriously amazing. Just because most people can do it, does not make it any less a miracle.

Take time to love yourself, to honor getting out of bed. To honor another day.

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