Thursday, 1 November 2012

Need more free time?

I woke up Saturday morning in my winter cabin in the north to find the cold had froze my car, the generator and my patients. I had some wonderful people visiting and I had not power, no transportation and, well, I had everything I needed. There was plenty of great food and wine, musical instruments, stories, snow shoes, wood for the wood stove, a gas stove and tones of candles. We had blankets on out beds, sun in the sky and time on our hands. We had free time, no cell phones, no internet, no movies, no music, nothing to distract us from being right where we needed to be.

Near the end of the weekend I was in the kitchen just finished making the BEST grilled cheeses in the world (recipe bellow). I was putting everything away and looking at how I organized the kitchen. Robin, one of the magical guests who came to that weekend to visit, was telling me about organizational tools for kitchens. Half way through the conversation I was reminded why I love to keep things organized. I keep my life organized so that I have more free time. If I save 30 seconds not looking for my gloves and another 12 seconds not looking for the spices I need to cook with and another 14 seconds cause I know where the book I was reading is, then I save almost a minute to my free time. It adds up and the stress level decreases when my brain is freed from thinking about where everything is and I do noe need many gloves or books or spices.

Stay organized to free up time to do what you want in your life. Doing what one wants is the whole point of this journey.

Near North Powerless Grilled Cheeses.

Saute onions, mushrooms and half a red pepper till it is almost caramelized and all mushie
Take 3 different kinds of cheeses, slice them thin
Put the saute on a piece of rye bread cut thin
Put the cheese on the saute,
Grill in a cast iron pan SLOWLY, do not rush this, its worth it I swear.
Slice into quarters and serve to your guest
Brilliant, the best grilled cheeses ever.

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