Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas opinion

In the West we have Christmas. I know we are all encouraged to offer a happy holidays and not mention Christmas, but in my world and all I see is that Christmas affects everyone in the West. Holidays, school closures, special foods, traveling, stores, decorations and Santa reign loud and clear.

So in honoring my ancestry, who celebrated Christmas for many years I want to offer my perspective on the whole event.

Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. It is a religious holiday. It is what it is.

So in celebrating the birth of someone, their birthday, I want to honor them as I would honor anyone.

How to honor Jesus..... Well all the man talked about was loving yourself, forgiveness, loving your neighbors, letting go of possessions building community. He was a peaceful person who built community at all cost. He believed in tribal values, he did not care of rank or religion or financial position.

I never really thought it was honorable to turn Jesus into a deity. He is not a God in my books, he is a wonderful man who gave up everything for what he believed in. Ghandi once said that he wishes he had the resolve that Jesus, the man, had.

So to honor the person that was Jesus, I say lets come together. Put down the competitive needs. Work together, not giving people stuff but by forgiving, listening, loving, opening, helping, risking for your community.

Maybe we start by asking ourselves.... who is part of my community and how can I help them be stronger?

Merry Community Building people. Its what this season is all about.

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