Saturday, 15 December 2012

I believe

It is time to believe in something better. A world where we can be open and be who we are without prejudice or judgement. A world where we can trust the people we live and work with. A world where we can heal together. It is possible.

I commit my life to this type of world. Where we work together not for each other or ourselves. Not a communist state but a community. Where our children have many parents, many friends and many safe houses to go to. Where we have support, love and laughter permeating through the walls of our homes. A world where we have plenty and share with everyone and we see that we sill have plenty for years to come. 

It is time where we believe that bosses and authority are no longer needed. We slowly remove hierarchy from our culture and look at everyone as importnat and no one as more or less important. It is time to see that we are all the same, we are all one.

Buck up people. Let go of the separation  the fear, the blame, the fight to be right. It is worthless and a waste of time. It is time to love and honor and be free in your heart. 

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