Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Do you even know who your fighting against???

Today I had a dear friend share a person experience where she went to an Idle No More gathering and realized a profound lesson of her heritage. It was moving and beautiful and really a very important piece of writing for me. She shared openly what I have felt for years is the point of revolutions. To change ourselves.

Fight the man? Who the fuck is the man? The "man" is anyone we give power over to. When we take it back and live our lives in harmony, with love and forgiveness, learning to trust, building communities and so much more, there is no "man". There is only us.

When we picket, or petition or seek change, really we are paving the way for self change. It is not in fighting the higher power that will change anything. If we dethrone the king another will arise to take their place.

We have to not need the king. Not look at them with anything but the same eyes we look at our neighbor. WE have to treat ourselves and everyone around us like a king. We have to eliminate the word king.

It is through the eyes of a peaceful heart that real change will take place.

I am not Idling No More. I am working hard and every day to create a more peaceful heart within. Its the only way I know to really effect change.

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