Thursday, 17 January 2013

Do you know who your fighting against part 2

It is not in the battle against government, big business or "the man". It is the battle of what is keeping us from connecting with our neighbors and building a community.

The greatest downfall of our world is that we do not have strong communities. We need to build together and build them strong. We need to look at our neighbors, get to know them so we can know where to help them. We need to know where we need help and learn to ask for it.

It is not about emptying your bank account so someone else can pay off their bills. It is not about giving every bit of spare time to help someone else relax.

It is about knowing where you ar in abundance and sharing that abundance. It is about honoring the abundance of others by being careful with their givings.

I have a dear friend, Greg, that has taught me how to honor giving. Every time I have gone to his castle to help him build or move or paint or whatever, he is ready to go the second I get there. He is organized, prepared and willing to teach. He gives by honoring my time and I give by being present and able to work. It is a trade that benefits us both.

If you want to effect change then practice working with your community. It takes skill and it takes time but it is far more rewarding then fighting big powers and far more effective at creating change in this world.

It is the little acts of kindness that bring on a happy world

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